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A ‘Laundry List’ or a ‘Feel’: Biden and Trump’s Clashing Appeals to Black Voters

As President Biden took the stage in Philadelphia on Wednesday to kick off his Black voter...


Experts Question Alito’s Failure to Recuse Himself in Flag Controversy

Supreme Court justices seldom give reasons for their decisions to recuse themselves. Even rarer are explanations...


Pro-McCormick Super PAC Plans $30 Million Ad Blitz in Pennsylvania

The main super PAC supporting David McCormick, the Republican running for Senate in Pennsylvania, is reserving...


After Floods, Brazil Has a Surge in Homeless Pets

When the two puppies arrived at a makeshift shelter in the southern Brazilian city of Porto...


Mexicans Are on the Verge of Electing Their First Female President

Claudia Sheinbaum’s list of accolades is long: She has a Ph.D. and a shared Nobel Peace...


Will Billions More in New Aid Save Family Farms?

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has a line about the state of small-scale agriculture in America these...


The Very Slow Restart of G.M.’s Cruise Driverless Car Business

At a sprawling complex in Warren, Mich., General Motors’ hopes for its driverless car future play...


India’s Election Is the ‘Talk of the Town’ in Its Diaspora

The dishes at a community center potluck for Indian expatriates near Washington, D.C., ranged from chana...


‘Not Everything Was Bad’: Saluting the Mercedes of Eastern Europe and a Communist Past

As the beige car bounced up to the former Soviet barracks, the rattling of its half-century...


South Korean Marine’s Death Becomes Impeachment Threat for President

The South Korean marines were sent in after monsoon rains flooded a rural section of the...

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