In Homo Novus, Welekwe addresses technology, humanity through theistic lens


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Publisher: Forerunner Press
Author: Amakiri Welekwe
Year: 2023
Pages: ‎ 264
Reviewers: Ndubuisi Chijioke and Kenneth Okafor

Amakiri Welekwe, a technology consultant and evangelist, in his groundbreaking book, Homo Novus: A Brief His-story of Tomorrow, has tried to address concerns raised in an era where technological advancements are shaping societal trajectory.

Welekwe, while drawing on a lifetime of work in information technology and a theistic perspective, offers an alternative world order: An order that aimed to enhance human living, even in the face of a growing concern about the potential consequences of rapid digitisation.

He presents a compelling vision of humanity that is different from the order that hinges on artificial intelligence and transhumanism. These technologies are not only advanced

In Homo Novus, Welekwe embarks on a captivating journey through time, seeking to uncover the origins and destiny of human species. He delves into existential questions that have puzzled humanity for centuries, such as human identity, purpose, human conditions, idea of progress, and the frightening trajectory of digital technology.

Welekwe challenges conventional beliefs and offers a refreshing perspective on the future of humanity far removed from the transhumanist notions presented in Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus.

At this critical moment in history, where the survival of human species hangs in the balance, Welekwe introduces the concept of Homo Novus – the extraordinary new humanity.

According to Welekwe, “Resurrection from the dead is the defining event in God’s ultimate plan for the inauguration of a new humanity.”

Through this transformative process, existing humans have the potential to evolve into a superior species aligned with the Creator’s original plan. This vision surpasses the transhumanist goals that dominate contemporary discourse, providing a more profound and compelling alternative.

Welekwe splits the book into three parts and he now takes thematic issues and deals with them. The first part is the partnership that God offers to man. The second part shows how man was unfaithful and broke what should have been a very powerful partnership and then he goes on to the third part to defend the fact that God did not throw up his hands and say I am helpless, he anticipated what will happen and got it all sorted out in the end.

He brings technology to the point of showing that he, as a technologist, is not overwhelmed nor is he being impressed that he does not know that technology has its limits, and he brings this out very powerfully.

In chapter six, he talks about Freedom of the Will and he brings out something that a lot of people, even within the church are subsumed into it. People want to offshore their responsibilities. Welekwe shows that it is a human tendency to want to absolve yourself of blame.

Welekwe’s writing style makes him accessible, and his research makes him credible.

Speaking at the formal unveiling of the book, Welekwe said after he read the works of Harari who posited that the new human agenda is the pursuit of happiness, immortality, and godlike abilities, he felt the onus was on him to offer a robust response to such narratives using the theistic worldview to reinstate the Supremacy of God who reigns over all creation.

“I read the book by Harari and observed concepts and ideas that mirror aspects of biblical narratives, providing me with a remarkable opportunity to engage in the ongoing conversations and address contemporary issues,” he said, adding: “After reading Harari’s book, I knew immediately that I had to respond.”

The author further stated that while writing the book, which he thought ab initio was just a response to debunk the tall tales of the transhumanist vision, it took him over three years of brain-tasking exercises. “It was not an easy task but I tried my best against all odds to put it together.”

He also noted that he faced some challenges, especially the unavailability of a library with good literature, saying he almost became discouraged.

He said: “So, I came back home one evening and I told my wife that I was going to write a book. That was how the book idea started. I quickly drafted the table of contents and the entire plot but I had no idea what I was getting into. I did not know it was going to be very demanding.

The book launch, which was moderated by a renowned broadcast journalists, Segun Owolabi, was graced by the Regional Vice President, South-South region, of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Dr. Okere Iragunima; National Director, of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Mr. Chris Akani; MD/CEO of Jimcol Resource Ltd, Engr. Ndubuisi Chijioke; MD/CEO of Mountleigh Oil and Energy Ltd, Mr. Kola Omotoyinbo, and a host of other corporate leaders and church leaders.

The Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Daniel Onyetulem, who is an Occupational Health Physician, while speaking about the book, said: “It is life-changing especially in the thematic area where the author decided to concentrate on.

“It addresses a kingdom principle in the sense that in this new era of digitisation and artificial intelligence, so many things are being projected. Bioengineering and cognitive science is being deployed in ways that we have not seen before. So, in the midst of all these, the kingdom’s message is being distorted and there is a new message that Harari, a very intelligent man, is trying to project and it’s leading people astray.

“This book is aimed at addressing the seeming false gospel propagated by Harari while promoting the supremacy of Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith. It is a kingdom-based matter that is being addressed here.”

“It is a must-read for every Christian especially in this era. It is a book that is recommended for upcoming Christians and those who are not yet rooted, as well as youths that are prone to deception.”

In Homo Novus, Welekwe addresses technology, humanity through theistic lens

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