‘We commend these brave citizens’: Good Samaritans stabbed stopping robbery in Vancouver


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A pair of bystanders are recovering from stab wounds after helping chase and stop a man accused of a violent robbery.

The incident happened around 7:40 p.m. Boxing Day, Dec. 26, when two people met for an exchange after agreeing to a sale via Facebook Marketplace, according to the Vancouver Police Department.

The buyer and the seller met in Olympic Village for the exchange. When the seller, a 36-year-old man from Vancouver, began the transaction, things turned violent as the apparent buyer used pepper spray and tried to flee with the item for sale, without paying.

When the alleged robber tried to flee, bystanders leapt into action to chase him down and stop him. Two of them were wounded for their efforts, according to the VPD.

“The two injured witnesses were making food deliveries at the time of the Facebook Marketplace robbery when they overhead someone calling for help and saw the suspect attempting to flee into a nearby taxi,” states the VPD in the release.

“They managed to prevent the man from getting in the cab, and with help from the third bystander, who was running errands nearby, they gave chase and held him down until VPD officers arrived with handcuffs.”

One of the two was stabbed in the hand, while the other was stabbed in the shoulder. Police don’t state what was used to stab them.

“We commend these brave citizens for their assistance in apprehending a violent suspect, and we recognize the risks they took to help someone they didn’t even know,” states Sgt. Steve Addison in the release.

“Their selfless actions stopped the suspect from getting away with the crime and may have prevented others from falling victim. We’re saddened that two Good Samaritans were assaulted in the process and we wish them a full recovery.”

A 21-year-old man was arrested at the scene and is awaiting a court appearance, according to the VPD, who note that the Good Samaritans efforts also meant important evidence was retained.

For those looking to make a similar exchange, the VPD are reminding locals that there is a safe exchange location outside the police station at 2120 Cambie Street which is well-lit and has video surveillance.

‘We commend these brave citizens’: Good Samaritans stabbed stopping robbery in Vancouver

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