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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Raises Just $2.6 Million

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign raised just $2.6 million in May, a paltry sum that...


Putin’s Presidential Planes: What We Know

When President Vladimir V. Putin travels abroad — as he did this week to North Korea...


Battlefield Commander’s Case Goes to Guantánamo Jury

A military jury on Wednesday began deliberating a sentence for an admitted war criminal at Guantánamo...


Ecuador Hit by Nationwide Blackout

Ecuador was plunged into a nationwide blackout on Wednesday afternoon, the country’s public work minister said,...


Thursday Briefing: Russia and North Korea’s Defense Pledge

Russia and North Korea signed a defense pledge President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un revived a...


Officer in Sunak’s Protection Team Accused of Placing U.K. Election Bet

A protection officer working for Britain’s prime minister, Rishi Sunak, was arrested over allegations he had...


Why Is Putin Traveling to Vietnam?

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia wrapped up a state visit to a longtime partner, North...


Biden’s Strategy: Help Immigrants in the U.S., but Stop Others From Arriving

There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the United States who have been living in...


Beluga Whales Are Rescued From Ukrainian War Zone to New Home in Spain

It was a whale of an evacuation. Actually, two. In what experts said was among the...


Trump Tries to Set Expectations, and Floats Excuses, for His Debate With Biden

A few minutes into his speech at a campaign rally on Tuesday, Donald J. Trump asked...

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