Memphis Releases New Footage From Night of Tyre Nichols’s Fatal Beating


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The city of Memphis released on Tuesday hours of audio, surveillance and police body-camera footage that offered a fuller picture of the night police officers fatally beat Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black FedEx worker, during a traffic stop last January.

Initially, in the weeks after Mr. Nichols died in a hospital from blunt force injuries to the head, the city released only an hourlong compilation of the footage, which showed how five police officers chased and beat him, despite his cries of pain and efforts to comply.

The additional 21 hours of recordings — which also include street camera footage and dispatch audio — showed how officers yanked Mr. Nichols from his car, fired a Taser at him, shouted profane commands and, after chasing him into a neighborhood, kicked and punched him.

The new videos do not show the initial traffic offense that the police said had prompted the stop. Though officers are heard discussing how Mr. Nichols’s “swerving” or “speeding” led them to pull him over, the Police Department has said it could not find evidence to support those statements.

The brutality shown in the initial tranche of videos last year horrified the nation, prompted an ongoing federal investigation into the Memphis Police Department’s practices and led to the firing of multiple officers. Five officers, all of whom are Black, were charged with second-degree murder and an array of state and federal charges. One officer pleaded guilty to federal charges late last year.

The release of the remaining footage was delayed after a judge agreed in March to a request from one defense lawyer to allow more time to review the footage. In early November, after requests from The New York Times and other news outlets, the judge lifted the order that prevented the footage and additional documents from release. The former officers are expected to go to trial on federal charges in May and on state charges in August.

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Memphis Releases New Footage From Night of Tyre Nichols’s Fatal Beating

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