Storm Isha Diverts Dozens of Flights From England and Ireland


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A powerful storm diverted dozens of flights in Britain and Ireland on Sunday and Monday, sending passengers to Germany, France and northern Britain, and stranding some at airports overnight.

At Dublin Airport, 166 flights were canceled Sunday night, another 29 flights were canceled on Monday, 36 flights were diverted to other airports and 34 aircraft performed what are known as “go-arounds,” or aborted landings, according to the airport.

Despite the flight chaos, the airport was open and operational on both Sunday and Monday, Graeme McQueen, a spokesman for Dublin Airport, said in a statement to The New York Times. Winds from the storm, named Isha, eased overnight on Sunday and changed to a more favorable westerly direction to allow “for a smooth first wave of flights.”

The storm’s wind challenged flight crews, with gusts between 70 and 75 miles per hour in the south of England and Ireland, Steve Fox, the head of network operations at NATS, which provides air traffic control services in Britain, said in a statement on Monday. In the north, gusts were more than 90 m.p.h.

Mr. Fox said that aircraft that could not land safely were diverted to other airports.

“Yesterday, because the storm blanketed the whole country, we alerted airlines that their normal diversion airfield might not be available and they should plan to potentially have to divert further afield,” he said, adding that flights were diverted to destinations that were “least affected” and still had space available “at the pilot’s critical decision point.”

Many of the flights were operated by Ryanair, a budget airline, including one from Manchester to Dublin that was diverted to Paris and another from Stansted to Newquay, England, that was diverted to Málaga, Spain.

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Storm Isha Diverts Dozens of Flights From England and Ireland

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