Ukraine-Russia war live: At least 30 killed in Putin’s heaviest air attack


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Kyiv suffers largest ever drone attack by Russia leaving five wounded

Ukraine has carried out a major air offensive on Russia’s border regions, a day after Moscow launched its biggest wave of airstrikes on Kyiv and other Ukrainian regions since the war began.

The estimated number of civilians killed in co-ordinated air attacks across in an 18-hour onslaught has risen to at least 30.

More than 144 people were injured and an unknown number were buried under rubble, the officials said. A maternity hospital, apartment blocks and schools were among buildings damaged.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia used every sort of weapon it has to launch the aerial bombardment, with 158 drones and hypersonic, ballistic and cruise missiles.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned Russia’s attack “in the strongest terms”, saying attacks on civilians must end immediately.

Within hours, the UK announced it was sending Kyiv hundreds of defence missiles, ministers condemning Russian president Vladimir Putin’s “barbarity”.

A British woman who was volunteering as a combat medic in Ukraine was found dead in bed. Her family said there were no suspicious circumstances.


UN calls emergency meeting: ‘Attacks against civilians are unacceptable’

The meeting was called at 9pm UK time on Friday after Ukraine requested an urgent session to address missile and drone strikes by Russia.

“Once again, Ukrainians are forced to spend the holidays seeking shelter, clearing the rubble, and burying the dead, amidst freezing temperatures,” said Khaled Khiari, assistant secretary-general at the UN department of political and peacebuilding affairs, while briefing members.

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Holly Evans30 December 2023 07:47


Ukraine launches attacks on Russian border regions after Putin’s ‘barbaric’ aerial bombardment

The Ukrainian armed forces posted a video on Telegram depicting the sky above Belgorod, showing at least one building on fire.

Belgorod’s governor said at least one person was killed and 10 homes were damaged, while the water supply to the city of Belgorod was disrupted. Russia’s defence ministry said 13 Ukrainian rockets were intercepted.

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Holly Evans30 December 2023 07:24


Putin’s efforts ‘desperate and futile’, UN Security Council told

UN Security Council members including the United States, France and Britain condemned Moscow’s prolongued and devastasting overnight bombardment of Ukrainian towns and cities.

At an emergency meeting of the council, Britain’s ambassador to the UN Barbara Woodward said the attacks were “a desperate and futile attempt by Russia to regain momentum” in its war.

“They will not succeed,” she said.

Jane Dalton30 December 2023 07:00


Ukrainian hackers ‘claim strike on Russian ship killed 74 soldiers’

A Ukrainian hacker group has claimed the Russian Black Sea Fleet said Ukraine’s strike on the Russian Novocherkassk ship killed 74 and injured 27 Russian soldiers, The Kyiv Independent reports.

Cyber Resistance said it intercepted an email from the Black Sea Fleet giving the figures.

It was the destruction of the vessel that reportedly prompted a furious Vladimir Putin to retaliate with the widespread overnight bombardment in Ukrainian towns and cities.

Jane Dalton30 December 2023 06:01


World must react to act of terror, says Zelensky

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, urged the world to react to “this latest act of terror”.

In his nightly address he said more than 100 private houses had been destroyed or damaged, along with 45 multi-storey buildings, schools, two churches, hospitals, a maternity ward and numerous commercial storage units.

“It is crucial for the world to react to this latest act of terror,” he said.

“Many leaders today have already declared their support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, and I am grateful to each one. Especially to those who have assisted our country with air defence.

“Our anti-aircraft defence forces have done a lot today, considering that Russian terrorists deliberately tried to bypass our defences. We will continue to strengthen our air defence and work towards pushing the war back to these human scum where it came from – home to Russia.”

Jane Dalton30 December 2023 05:01


Ukraine ends year disappointed and anxious

Ukrainian troops and political leaders are ending the year with disappointment on the battlefield, an increasingly sombre mood among troops and anxiety about the future of Western aid for the war effort:

Jane Dalton30 December 2023 04:01


In pictures: Devastation in Dnipro

A shopping centre was heavily damaged


A maternity hospital ward was damaged


Jane Dalton30 December 2023 03:01


Zelensky visits frontline troops

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky visited troops in Avdiivka, the site of fierce battles with Russia in the Donetsk region.

Fighting along the front line is largely bogged down by winter weather after Ukraine’s summer counteroffensive failed to make a significant breakthrough along the 620-mile line of contact.

Zelensky spoke to forces’ leaders


Jane Dalton30 December 2023 02:01


Watch: Rescuers pull elderly man from rubble in Kharkiv

Rescuers pull elderly man from rubble of Kharkiv building after Russian airstrike

Rescue workers in Ukraine pulled an elderly man from under the rubble of a building in Kharkiv that was destroyed in a massive Russian aerial barrage. Video shared by Ukraine’s State Emergency Service showed the man pinned down by large boulders of the collapsed building in the country’s second-largest city. Rescuers worked to free the man from the rubble and later transported him into an ambulance. Russia launched 122 missiles and 36 drones against Ukrainian targets, officials said on Friday 29 December, killing at least 18 civilians across the country.

Jane Dalton30 December 2023 01:00


Russia shoots down targets over Belgorod

Russian anti-aircraft units downed “several” airborne targets in Russia’s southern Belgorod region, and one person was killed and one injured, the regional governor said.

“Over Belgorod and Belgorod region, our anti-aircraft systems downed several airborne targets as they approached the city,” the governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said. “According to preliminary information, there is one dead and one injured.”

The Ukrainian armed forces posted video of what they described as the sky above Belgorod, showing at least one building on fire.

There were also reports of explosions.

Jane Dalton29 December 2023 23:59

Ukraine-Russia war live: At least 30 killed in Putin’s heaviest air attack

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