The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Large waves pound California coast again


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Welcome to the Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather. It’s Saturday, Dec. 30, 2023, and there is only one day left in the year. Start your day with everything you need to know about today’s weather. You can also get a quick briefing of national, regional and local weather whenever you like with the FOX Weather Update podcast.

California coast being pounded by mammoth waves again

Waves of up to 40 feet are possible along the California coastline Saturday, just two days after the shore was battered by similar swells. At least eight people were injured, and damage was reported in towns up and down the coast. Both Coastal Flood and High Surf warnings are in effect for the Golden State’s seashore.

More than 100 rescued from breakaway ice on Minnesota lake

Over 100 people in northern Minnesota were rescued after becoming stranded on a large piece of ice that was afloat on a lake near the town of Bemidji. None of the individuals or rescuers involved in the operation were reported to have injuries.

Saying so long to 2023

As the year comes to an end, we’re looking back at some of the incredible power that was displayed by Mother Nature. From hurricanes to tornadoes, from extreme cold to unrelenting heat, it ran the gamut this year. Here is a selection of our stories that recap the wild weather of 2023.

Watch this

There’s been a lot of buzz about the polar vortex lately. An expert helps sort it out.

Before you go

With this being the last Daily Weather Update of 2023, all of us at FOX Weather want to wish you a safe and happy new year.

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The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Large waves pound California coast again

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