Nearly 5M BlendJet portable blenders recalled over fire, laceration…


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Portable blender maker BlendJet has recalled 4.8 million of its more powerful BlendJet 2 liquidizer over fire and laceration risks.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the voluntary recall on Thursday, warning customers to immediately stop using the product and contact BlendJet for a replacement base.

There were more than a dozen incidents where the blender burst into flames, “resulting in property damage claims of approximately $150,000,” according to the CPSC, as well as 49 reports of minor burns.

The CPSC said it received 396 reports of faulty blenders, most of which included the blades breaking while the blender was in use.

One laceration injury was reported to the agency.

Representatives for BlendJet did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

California-based BlendJet voluntarily recalled 4.8 million of its BlendJet2 portable blenders on Thursday, citing fire and laceration risks. CPSC

The faulty blenders were sold at popular chains like Costco, Walmart, and Target, as well as on BlendJet’s website, from October 2020 through November 2023 for between $50 and $75, the CPSC said.

An additional 117,000 now-recalled blenders were also sold in Canada, according to the agency.

Units where the first four digits of the serial number are between 5201 and 5542 and are subject to the recall.

BlendJet also has a “Is my BlendJet 2 Recalled?” tool on its website, where consumers can enter the serial number on their blender — printed on the bottom of the base along with “blendjet2” and “The Original Portable Blender — to find out if they’re eligible for a replacement.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said that faulty blenders caused “17 reports of overheating or fires resulting in property damage claims of approximately $150,000.” CPSC
Consumers were urged to check the serial number of their BlendJet 2. Affected blenders will have a number between 5201 and 5542, the CPSC said. CPSC

The Benicia, Calif.-based company said its more recent versions of the BlendJet 2 — a bigger, more powerful personal blender than its original version — are not impacted by the recall. The gadgets have an updated base with a different electrical configuration and thicker blades.

Nearly 5M BlendJet portable blenders recalled over fire, laceration…

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