Instagram’s upcoming feature will let you share profiles on your story | Read details


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Instagram New Feature
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Instagram New Feature: Instagram, the photo and video platform owned by Meta, has been introducing various features this year. One major addition has been the Threads launch and its integration with Instagram. But wait, there’s more! Even with a few days left in 2023, Instagram is testing another feature, according to a report by Wccftech.

Instagram New Feature: Sharing Profiles on Instagram Story

A recent report suggests that Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to share someone else’s profile on their Instagram Story. Not only that, but it also lets you invite your followers to check out and follow the shared profile. This was spotted by app developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

How It Works

If this feature gets the green light, users might see an “Add to Story” option in their profiles. It’s a simple process – just choose this option and add the profiles you want to share in your Instagram Story.

Why It’s Interesting

This feature could be a game-changer, especially for content creators and business owners. It provides an easy way to promote your page or product and attract more followers. Imagine effortlessly introducing your business page to your followers using this feature.

Implications for Users

For influencers and individuals looking to boost the visibility of their secondary profiles, this feature could be invaluable. It simplifies the process of introducing different profiles, making it easier for followers to explore more content.

Rollout Details and When to Expect It

While the exact launch details are not clear yet, signs are pointing toward an early 2024 debut, possibly in the first few weeks of the new year. A shared screenshot shows a “View Profile” button on the Story, prompting users to click and visit the shared profile.

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Instagram’s upcoming feature will let you share profiles on your story | Read details

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