Heading on a New Year’s trip? Follow these 10 easy tricks to make your smartphone travel-ready


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Smartphone Guide for New Year Trip 2024: If you’re planning a trip for the New Year, you might find this guide from TOI useful. It gives you some quick tips for your smartphone so that you’re prepared for anything.

  1. Be Emergency-Ready: Flip on those Emergency Broadcast notifications, especially if you’re heading to a spot prone to crazy weather or natural disasters. These alerts keep you clued in.
  2. Emergency Details on Lock Screen: Stick your medical info and emergency contacts on your phone’s lock screen. It’s handy for first responders and ensures they can reach out to your folks. For Android, hit up Settings -> About -> Emergency information. If you’re on an iPhone, use the Health app to set up your Medical ID.
  3. Keep Important Contacts: Save the digits for local authorities, hotels, embassies, and local cops, especially when you’re off to foreign lands.
  4. Grab Offline Maps: If you’re road-tripping, hiking, or just exploring, snag offline maps through Google Maps. That way, you can still find your way even if the internet takes a break.
  5. Digital Copies of Docs: Snap digital copies of your must-have documents using apps like Digilocker or simply take pictures. Great for stuff like your Passport and Aadhaar.
  6. UPI Apps: Along with cash, have UPI or wallet-based payment apps for emergencies or additional funds. They can be a lifesaver if you lose your wallet.
  7. Securely Save Card Details: Save your debit or credit card details in a safe place on your phone for easy online payments. Some phones, like Samsung, let you add cards to payment apps.
  8. Activate Find My Service: Keep your phone in check by firing up Find My on iPhone or Find My Phone on Android. This lifesaver helps you track down your phone remotely if it decides to play hide and seek. Samsung phones come with their own nifty Find My service.
  9. Translation App: If you’re in a location where people speak a different language, get Google Translate or a similar app for smooth communication. These apps often do magic with image-based translations.
  10. Roaming Feature: Enable Roaming services on your phone for data usage while travelling. Consider an international roaming pack for calls and data services abroad.

These simple measures can make your New Year’s trip safer and more prepared for any unexpected situations.

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Heading on a New Year’s trip? Follow these 10 easy tricks to make your smartphone travel-ready

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