Miami (FL) vs. Rutgers: Live updates, score, results, highlights, for Thursday’s NCAA Football game


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3rd Quarter Report

Fortunes may be turning around for Rutgers after losing four in a row. They have jumped out to a 21-17 lead against Miami (FL).

If Rutgers keeps playing like this, they’ll bump their record up to 7-6 in no time. On the other hand, Miami (FL) will have to make due with a 7-6 record unless they turn things around (and fast).


The regular season is over, but Miami (FL) and Rutgers still have one more game to play. The Miami (FL) Hurricanes and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights will square off in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium 2:15 p.m. ET on Thursday. Miami (FL) will be strutting in after a win while Rutgers will be stumbling in from a loss.

Miami (FL) finally caught a break after three consecutive losses. They put the hurt on Boston College with a sharp 45-20 win back in November. The result was nothing new for Miami (FL), who have now won four matches by 25 points or more so far this season.

Among those leading the charge was Henry Parrish Jr., who rushed for 111 yards and two touchdowns on only 11 carries. Miami (FL) also got help from Jacolby George who showed off his sure hands for 89 receiving yards.

Meanwhile, it looks like Rutgers got the smaller half of the wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. They took a 42-24 bruising from Maryland back in November. The loss unfortunately continues a disappointing trend for Rutgers in their matchups with Maryland: they’ve now lost three in a row.

Despite the loss, Rutgers had strong showings from Gavin Wimsatt, who rushed for 48 yards and two touchdowns, and Kyle Monangai, who gained 149 total yards.

Miami (FL)’s win ended a three-game drought on the road and puts them at 7-5. As for Rutgers, their loss dropped their record down to 6-6.

Miami (FL) is hoping to beat the odds on Thursday, as the experts think they’re headed for a loss. For those looking to play the spread, careful betting on Miami (FL): they have a less-than-stellar 8-16 record against the spread this season.

Here’s a few offensive stats to keep an eye on ahead of Thursday’s game: The Hurricanes have been excellent on the ground this season, having averaged 176.8 rushing yards per game. However, it’s not like the Scarlet Knights struggle in that department as they’ve been averaging 165.5 rushing yards per game. It’s looking like Thursday’s match might have some serious battles in the trenches. Check CBS Sports after the match for a full breakdown of the game, commentary, and other college football content.

Miami (FL) vs. Rutgers: Live updates, score, results, highlights, for Thursday’s NCAA Football game

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