Lauren Boebert Is Runnin’ Scared


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Being our semi-regular weekly survey of what’s goin’ down in the several states where, as we know, the real work of governmentin’ gets done, and where we contain multitudes.

We begin in Colorado. Normally, we don’t include national politics in our semi-regular weekly survey, but, then again, how often do we get to comment on a belligerent yahoo in full scarper? From the Washington Post:

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is switching congressional districts ahead of the 2024 election, a surprise move that means she will avoid a likely rematch against the Democrat she narrowly beat last year.

The Democrat in question is Adam Frisch, whom Boebert barely beat two years ago, and who was coming into their rematch with solid poll numbers and a whole truckload of money. But none of that, of course, has anything to do with Boebert’s decision. Oh, no, you Hollywood elitist abortionist. you. She’s only in it for conservatism, poor dear.

Boebert appeared to acknowledge the high stakes for her party and her fundraising struggles during a video announcement on social media Wednesday night, saying that “staying in the fight” is vital for “our conservative movement” and promising not to allow “Hollywood elites and progressive money groups to buy the 3rd District.”…Boebert’s departure from the 3rd District eases the path for a more moderate Republican, Grand Junction, Colo., attorney Jeff Hurd, whom the Colorado Springs Gazette endorsed over Boebert this month.

Hurd’s entire campaign to this point has been to be the anti-Boebert, pitching himself as someone who speaks for rural Colorado, and a candidate who seeks to do something, and not be someone. That raison d’etre now has gone down the road. Boebert is running to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Ken Buck, who represents a district that is hundreds of miles from where Boebert actually lives.

“Seat shopping isn’t something the voters look kindly upon,” state Rep. Richard Holtorf said. “If you can’t win in your home, you can’t win here.”

Now we get to see if those same voters look kindly upon public displays of ill-humor and public displays of affectionate groping. Lucky them.

We move along to Georgia, which is perfectly happy with the option to expand Medicaid available through the Affordable Care Act just as long as it doesn’t work. From Politico:

The state’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, expected 31,000 Georgians to sign up in the first year of the program, which started in July. Through four months, only 1,800 people enrolled — and critics blame the paltry expansion on an overly complex program with too many hurdles for people to clear. “With such low enrollment numbers [in Georgia], it does feel a bit like that,” said Chris Pope, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank. “It’s a mountain of paperwork, and it’s burdensome for people who are in a tough spot.”

Democrats have long tried to persuade red states to expand the federal Medicaid program and bring health insurance to more of their most vulnerable residents. The Biden administration sweetened the pot in 2021 with additional federal money, but GOP officials, including Kemp, have been reluctant to take the offer unless they can tie benefits to employment.

Georgia is the only state that has a Medicaid work requirement, though Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, recently proposed one to entice the Republican legislature. Arkansas Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is awaiting federal approval for a similar idea. Work requirements were a feature of the Trump administration’s plans to overhaul Medicaid, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved them in 13 states. But court rulings and the Covid-19 pandemic snarled implementation, and the Biden administration subsequently rescinded the approvals. Georgia, however, won a federal court challenge in 2022 allowing it to implement the policy while partially expanding Medicaid.

Pesky pandemic. How did it expect us to make those poor people jump through all the nice hoops we’ve set up so that they can see the occasional doctor? Now, it looks like many of them have decided not even to try. What are we supposed to do for entertainment now?

“As so few able-bodied adults are willing to work, train or volunteer even part time to qualify for the Pathways program, it’s clear that a full expansion would discourage employment for those who can work and risk resources meant for the truly needy — low-income children and people with disabilities,” said Jonathan Ingram, vice president of policy and research at the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Ingram is another one who has built a career in the warm embrace of the wingnut welfare network. Glib condescension is the lingua franca there.

And we conclude, as is our custom, in the great state of Oklahoma, whence Blog Official Ringer In Of New Years Friedman of the Plains gets 2024 off to the kind of start we all feel it deserves. From nondoc:

During his comments to the board at the beginning of the meeting, Walters suggested a plethora of new rules are needed by the State Department of Education, although none of them appeared on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting. The three new rules that the board could vote on at a 2024 meeting broadly regard diversity, equity and inclusion programs, “religious freedom” and drag queens. Walters offered little specific language for the potential new rules but said he wanted to get alleged DEI programs out of schools — similar to a recent executive order signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt targeting colleges and universities — allow prayer in schools, and target teachers and administrators who perform in drag.

“The last rule that I wanted to bring to your attention (…) is the issue that we’ve seen in one district in particular and that is the use of drag queens as administrators being hired by a district,” Walters said of his third proposed rule. “We are proposing a rule that would update the teacher code of conduct to include sexual activity in public targeted towards kids to be inappropriate for those that work with our youngest students.”

“Religious Freedom And Drag Queens” is my favorite New York Dolls album.

This is your democracy, America. Cherish it.

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Charles P Pierce is the author of four books, most recently Idiot America, and has been a working journalist since 1976. He lives near Boston and has three children. 

Lauren Boebert Is Runnin’ Scared

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