Tech News Today: Poco teases new smartphone launch, ads in Prime Video, and more


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Tech News Today in India: Poco is on a smartphone launch spree, the company just launched two budget 5G phones, and the brand is now gearing up for the next generation X6 series of smartphones in India. Similarly, Amazon will start showing ads on Prime Video starting January 2023 in select markets like the UK and US.

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    Poco to launch India’s first MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra-powered smartphones

    Poco has just confirmed that it will launch India’s first MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra-powered smartphone in India, which is expected to be the upcoming Poco X6 Pro, which is said to be a rebranded version of the Redmi K70e, which was recently launched in China. The Poco X6 series is expected to have two models, where, the base Poco X6 could be based on the Redmi Note 13 Pro, and both devices are expected to go official in January 2024.

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    Ads to appear in Prime Video

    Starting January 27, Amazon will include ads in Prime Video in markets like the US and UK. Users who want to enjoy ad-free Prime Video can pay an additional $2.99 a month. Prime Video is a benefit of Amazon Prime subscription, which also includes additional benefits like Prime Music, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, and free one-day delivery.

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    Microsoft Copilot arrives on the Google Play Store

    Microsoft’s generative-AI powered co-pilot app is now available on Google Play Store for free, allowing users to access various GPT-4 powered features, including AI chatbot, image generation, and more. The app is around 112 MB in size, and users can access GPT-4 without requiring a Microsoft account on Android smartphones and tablets for free. However, to use features like Dall. E 3 powered image generator, one is required to sign in using a Microsoft account.

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    Uber launches round trip feature in India

    Uber has introduced a new feature in its raid-hailing app, which now allows users to book a cab for a round trip, including a multi-day return option. Similarly, users can book a round trip for up to five days and can reserve a cab for an upcoming trip 90 days in advance. The update is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Tech News Today: Poco teases new smartphone launch, ads in Prime Video, and more

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