Fox News Radio and sports reporter Matt Napolitano dead at 33 from infection, husband says


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Fox News Radio anchor and sports reporter Matt Napolitano died Dec. 23, his husband said on X.

Napolitano was 33 years old.

“With a heavy heart I have to share that my husband @MattNapolitano passed away yesterday morning,” the Christmas Eve post by husband Ricky Whitcomb read. “He loved his job and he loved bringing the news to your radios and televisions.”

In other posts on social media, Whitcomb said Napolitano had been living with an autoimmune disease for nearly 20 years and died from an infection.

The two were married in May 2023, according to social media posts.

Fox News shares passing of two colleagues over holidays

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott shared the news with staff over the holiday weekend.

“Matt did everything from anchoring to writing and producing for our audio platforms and loved being able to work in the journalism field that he trained for his entire life,” the memo shared with USA TODAY stated.

Fox’s director of Chicago bureau operations Adam Petlin passed away the same day, Scott shared in a separate memo.

“(Napolitano) showed off his talent outside the studio as well, having been a runner up on Jeopardy! and making it to the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune, but it was his love of journalism that we were lucky enough to benefit from throughout his time at Fox,” Scott said.

Napolitano started at Fox News in 2015, and took a brief break before rejoining in his most recent role as update anchor for Fox News Audio, according to Scott’s statement.

Who is Matt Napolitano?

Out Sports called Napolitano, also known as “Matty Naps,” a “rising gay star in radio and sports media.”

Fox News said Napolitano was working across its audio platforms. He also brought sports stories to “Cavuto Coast to Coast” and voiced packages for various Fox affiliates, Scott said in her statement.

The Hofstra University graduate worked with Merlin Media and TMZ before heading to Fox, Out Sports reported.

“Napolitano didn’t lead his public life with being gay, and he didn’t shy away from it, marrying the love of his life, Whitcomb, earlier this year and sharing pro-LGBTQ messages on social media,” Out Sports said in the story Whitcomb called a “beautiful write up on Matt and his accomplishments.”

Online tributes to Napolitano described him as a great friend and supportive colleague, according to Out Sports.

Fox News Radio and sports reporter Matt Napolitano dead at 33 from infection, husband says

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